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Lightning-fast premium website hosting with up to 99.99% uptime, website security, and blazing fast, http/2 & Brotli protected CDN. Go online with website development and online marketing solutions!

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Your Personal Web Assistant

Lite Phoenix is committed to helping you on your journey to online success. Our partnership with CyberDream Developers and Digital Pyxi to offer you elite services in Website Development, Online Marketing, and Website Security is just a step in that direction.
This union has given birth to Your Personal Web Assistant. Your Personal Web Assistant is our dedicated support team that helps you on your journey to online success.

How Your Personal Web Assistant Helps
Your Hosting Experience

Client Acquisition

Our partnership with CyberDream Developers helps us to give you the best advice, tips, and service in acquiring new clients for your business.


We offer support and remediation of technical issues that may arise from using our service and remain committed to offering the best service to our users.

Website Security & Protection

Protect your business, brand that you've built up for years, users, and clients with expert Website Security service and tips .

Best Practices

Keep your website up to date and in good standing with Google, your visitors, and your ideal client by talking to us about the best practices for your website to follow.

Lead Generation

No business can grow without a constant influx of new customers, clients, and revenues. Your Personal Web Assistant is on hand to help you make the best solution to gain new clients into your business.

Expert Support

Our support agents have a unique blend of knowledge in Online Marketing, Website Development, SEO, Website Security, and Troubleshooting to offer you 5-star service.

Lightning Fast
Premium Cloud Hosting Solution

Lightning fast, optimized Premium Website Hosting
Get 2 Months free for every year you subscribe! That's 6 months free over 3 years!

Cloud Freelance Spark

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Cloud Agency Spark

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Cloud Enterprise Spark

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Dedicated Account Managers With All Plans

Dedicated Account Managers are your personalized and assigned account management assistants that are available for you 24/7. They manage your account to resolve any issues or concerns that you might have or arise.

Your Dedicated Account Manager continuously monitor and maintain your account to avoid any disruptions or downtime while ensuring that you get the best possible Lite Phoenix service possible at all times.

Every account gets a group of Dedicated Account Managers to help in resolving and preventing technical issues. 

Premium WordPress Hosting

Lightning fast, optimized WordPress Hosting
Get 2 Months free for every year you subscribe! That's 6 months free over 3 years!

WP Freelance Spark

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WP Agency Spark

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WP Enterprise Spark

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Premium Web Hosting Features For FREE

Aurora Cloud CDN

A Content Delivery Network is a network of servers spread across the world that allows users to load your website from the server closest to them. This increases the speed and availability of your websites. Aurora Cloud’s CDN is reliable, powerful, and lightning fast.

LiteSpeed Servers

LiteSpeed provides an easy and agile solution to speeding up your website. LiteSpeed is among the fastest Web Server technologies and is made even faster with caching from the powerful LiteSpeed Cache plugin that is available for WordPress websites.

Cloud Linux

Cloud Linux is a powerful technology that increases the security, efficiency, and stability of each user on our server. This keeps your website in peak functioning ability even if there are other websites on the server with unusually high usage of resources.

Use Lite Phoenix wIth Your favorite CMS

We Support These Platforms

Lite Phoenix Cloud Hosting works well with these platforms and CMS

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Web Design

Large agencies, enterprises, and more financially powerful businesses can get an Enterprise Website for their business. These websites are built with a high degree of customization, planning, and time invested to ensure that every detail of these websites represent your brand with the highest quality product that blows your competitors out of the water.


Website as A Service (WaaS)

Get an amazing website for your business without huge upfront costs. With a Cyber Sites Online Presence, you can get a professional, SEO-optimized, fully maintained website starting at $1,200 per month.

Complete Website Security

Your customer's privacy is important and we have your solution ready!
We have a complete Website Security Solution ready for your to integrate and protect your business and customers from any possible breach.

Pro Plan

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Your Solution To Online Success In One Place

Lite Phoenix has provided some options below to help you get online faster and without hassle

Webiste Development

Get a website developed for your business by one of our partner developers. Select a development approach that works for you.

Online Marketing

Get high-quality traffic and convert that traffic into qualified leads that are high-paying customers and repeat customers with effective Online Marketing.

Online Presence

Get everything you need to go from zero to hero in the online world with a Complete Online Presence for your business.

Content Delivery Network

Nobody uses a slow website and even Google will not rank your slow website well. Speed up your website to lightning-fast speeds for $2.50 per month for up to 10GB of data. You are billed at $0.45 per GigaByte of data transfer after your first 10 GigaBytes.

Agency Plan

per month - first 10GB
$ 0

PEace of mind with


Website Security Features

Learn more about how we provide comprehensive protection for your website, visitors, customers, and brand with these fortified features:

All traffic to your server, secure and unsecured via HTTP and HTTPS, are checked with heuristic and signature techniques to block them before they get to your server.

Every site is unique based on its build and technology used. As a result, we monitor your CMS, server and other tools that you use and use this information to block traffic that doesn’t fit your profile.

A zero-day exploit is where an attack takes place the  same day the vulnerability is detected. We protect against zero-day exploits as part of our dedicated online protection services.

We stop hacks and attacks on your site that comes in the form of brute force attacks. This is where tools are used to attack your site and crack passwords to gain illegal entry and access to important files.

Distributed Denial of Service attacks can cause disruption in your sites uptime and availability. We are able to block layer 3, layer 4, and layer 7 DDoS attacks.

We use our Web Application Firewall to prevent bad traffic from ever getting to your site. As a result we reduce malware and hacks from  your site by filtering malicious traffic

Security patches being released are common in the digital world and especially on CMS platforms like WordPress. Updates tend to have security patches for the latest vulnerabilities. We ensure that you are always protected with the latest  updates to security patches and sever rules.

Our partnership with Sucuri gives us access to tools that use machine learning to not only detect but predict and understand the latest attack trends and patterns so we can protect you from the latest threats and trends that plague the online world

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Hear what our clients think about our CDN services and how we’ve helped othe clients just like you who knows the value of speed in online success.

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