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Digital Pyxi, through our partnership with security giants, Sucuri, is a team of website security experts that manages all your website security concerns, maintenance, and monitoring.

Using a WAF, website monitoring, machine learning, and website scanning among other key security features we not only monitor and secure your website but also IP Whitelisting and integrated server-side protection

How Can we make your online success easier?

How Website Security Helps You

At Lite Phoenix we are determined to make your online success easier
Website Security is a critical part of any online plan for success. Here is why:

Peace Of Mind

Website Security provides you and your client with the peace of mind and confidence that they are safe and protected when they use your website.

More Sales

Improved trust and peace of mind results in more sales. With so many data breaches and hacks only secure websites will get most visitors to take any form of action.

Improved Trust

When your clients, customers, and visitors trust you they are more likely to do business with you and recommend you to their collegues.

Disaster Mitigation

The risk of breach is never zero but the ability to fully recover while minimzing damage is never taken lightly. Rest well knowing that you are in safe hands

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How We Protect You


Stop hackers, malware, and other threats from potentially damaging your website by filtering out bad traffic before it gets to your website and server with our Web Application Firewall. Sign up to Digital Pyxi and leave your website security to our trusted and dedicated team who goes above and beyond to protect all your websites in your place.


Digital Pyxi’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps to improve your website performance and user experience. Our CDN is firewall-protected to give you speed and security in one quick and easy setup. You can expect an average of 70% speed increase when you use our CDN.

Threat Detection

Digital Pyxi treats your website security as an ongoing and continuous process. Our Website Monitoring and Threat Detection system allows us to have updated and informed data about your website’s security status and automatically notifies us about any potential threat to your website.

Website Protection

Get Digital Pyxi’s dedicated team and web protection service to guard against malware, blacklisting, hackers, Brute Force Attacks, etc. We do all your website defense and protection so you have complete security at all times.

Backup & Recovery

Digital Pyxi’s Website Backup & Recovery was made with one major fact in mind: the risk of a breach is never zero. We understand and accept that the risk of a breach to your website, and ours, is always possible. As a result, we make routine, secure, off-site backups a primary part of our disaster mitigation and recovery plan.

Website Cleaning

Digital Pyxi Website Cleaning feature is used to ensure that your website is free of malware, intrusions, and vulnerabilities. Our scanner works automatically ever 12 hours, 6 hours, or 30-minutes depending on your schedule. This allows us the best response times to all threats and potential threats

PEace of mind with


Website Security Features

Learn more about how we provide comprehensive protection for your website, visitors, customers, and brand with these fortified features:

All traffic to your server, secure and unsecured via HTTP and HTTPS, are checked with heuristic and signature techniques to block them before they get to your server.

Every site is unique based on its build and technology used. As a result, we monitor your CMS, server and other tools that you use and use this information to block traffic that doesn’t fit your profile.

A zero-day exploit is where an attack takes place the  same day the vulnerability is detected. We protect against zero-day exploits as part of our dedicated online protection services.

We stop hacks and attacks on your site that comes in the form of brute force attacks. This is where tools are used to attack your site and crack passwords to gain illegal entry and access to important files.

Distributed Denial of Service attacks can cause disruption in your sites uptime and availability. We are able to block layer 3, layer 4, and layer 7 DDoS attacks.

We use our Web Application Firewall to prevent bad traffic from ever getting to your site. As a result we reduce malware and hacks from  your site by filtering malicious traffic

Security patches being released are common in the digital world and especially on CMS platforms like WordPress. Updates tend to have security patches for the latest vulnerabilities. We ensure that you are always protected with the latest  updates to security patches and sever rules.

Our partnership with Sucuri gives us access to tools that use machine learning to not only detect but predict and understand the latest attack trends and patterns so we can protect you from the latest threats and trends that plague the online world

They trust us to keep them safe

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"Lectus, nonummy et. Occaecat delectus erat, minima dapibus ornare nunc, autem."​
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"Lectus, nonummy et. Occaecat delectus erat, minima dapibus ornare nunc, autem."​
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